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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Luminous Education Pty Ltd will assist all Learners in their efforts to complete training programs by all methods available and reasonable. Luminous Education Pty Ltd will determine the support needs of individual Learners and provide access to the educational and support services necessary for the individual student to meet specific requirements of training packages. Luminous Education Pty Ltd will continue to develop strategies to make support available where gaps are identified. Learners are encouraged to talk with their available first point of contact, by informing the RTO about difficulties they face.

As Trainers are considered first point of contact for learners, they are responsible for ensuring that all Learners are aware they can contact their trainer/assessor in the event that learners are experiencing difficulties with any aspect of their studies. Staff will ensure Learners have access to the full resources of Luminous Education Pty Ltd to assist them in achieving the required level of competency.

In the event that the learner is experiencing personal difficulties, training staff will encourage the student to contact Luminous Education Pty Ltd who will provide discreet, personalised and confidential assistance as according to the nature of the difficulties.    In the event that the learner’s needs exceed the capacity of the support services Luminous Education Pty Ltd can offer, learners will be referred to an appropriate external agency. Extensive information regarding support agencies, resources and services may be sourced externally. Luminous Education Pty Ltd staff members will assist Learners to source appropriate support.

Once identified, the RTO will deploy its available support by initiating contact with the student. The student will be individually guided through his/her learning.

The following support will be available to learners:

❖ Although, all students/learners are afforded one-to-one feedback with their trainer/assessor on regular basis, additional feedback is also arranged if the learner needs that support.

❖ Also, students/learners can avail additional trainer contact during Skype, Goggle Hangouts and via the Unit/Course Facebook page (i.e., Course Facebook page and your trainer/assessor will ask you whether you will prefer such interaction).

❖ Students/learners can utilise ‘peer discussions’ facilitated through the Facebook page. Your assessor will guide you how to use Facebook Page.

❖ Access to supplementary business resource upon request.

❖ RTO trainers will regularly maintain phone contact with identified learners.

❖ Access to subject matter experts within business industry (e.g., provision of guest speakers during some class-room training).

❖ Support to access external services e.g., counselling, financial advice etc., (will be done on a case-to-case base).

❖ Off-campus help is also provided using web technology, to assist with the competency progress.  ❖ Although, all learners are required to have access to a computer, learners are provided access to laptops/tablets if there is a need.

❖ Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN): The RTO conducts a pre-enrolment survey prior to enrolling participants in the competency to determine LLN needs. Although, this cohort of learners is expected to demonstrate proficient LLN skills, LLN assessment will take place prior to course commencement to assess an individual’s skills and capabilities and relevant educational support will be facilitated by the trainer. Students/learners may visit the website, http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/generalcapabilities/literacy/introduction/introduction, to enquire about their nearest LLN support centre.

For further information on our Student Support Services, please contact us at any time.